Pitching and Landing Brand Deals

How to secure brand deals as a micro-influencer!

A mini course for creators who want to secure brand deals the fast way. Inside you will discover a sustainable way to bring in consistent brand deals, with the help of my templates, lessons and guides.

Have you ever found yourself asking this?

Then this mini course is for you!



“I just landed a brand deal, with in one week of the mini course. I have only 630 followers!."

— Vanessa, @livinglikelemon ​

Introducing the ultimate mini-course

Pitching and Landing Brand Deals

How to secure brand deals as a micro-influencer.

This mini course is valued at $947!

But You're Getting it for Only:

You're not alone if..

You’re tired of spending hours on Instagram. While your DM’s are dry with no legit brand deals.

All you’ve gotten was discount codes and brands asking you to pay for shipping.

AKA: Not a real brand collaboration.

You’ve tried piecing together a bunch of free advice but nothing really seems to work out..

Friend, you need a full, battle-tested strategy – start to end – to really take your account from hobby to pro level.

What if I told you there is an easier way... ​

Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly what to do to secure the next brand deal?

Imagine getting boxes and boxes of items to promote every week. (Not having to buy clothes because you get it for free!)

Imagine getting Paypal payments of $40, $100, $1,000…from satisfied brands you helped as a creator.

I’m 100% confident my mini course will help you get there, you just need the proven strategy’s to move to the next level.

I used to think....

I need 10k followers to land paid brand deals”.. or I need a perfect feed to attract brands”..

UNTILL I mastered my “Professional Pitching Technique”. With one email send out I land  $6k brand deal every week.

Today I make $100,000 a year consistently from brand deals and worked with brands like Dyson, McDonalds, Coach and more.

Take a sneak peak:

If you’re wondering if this mini course is for you…


This IS for you if...

  • You want to build relationships with brands, and not just deals 
  • You are open to learning & growing
  • You feel overwhelmed with where to start on your influencer journey
  • You are ready to 10x your brand deals 
  • You’re a an existing influencer who wants to find a sustainable way to bring in consistent campaigns.
  • You’re a beginner who wants to learn this “Insta thing” the right way
  • You want a system that is proven to give you real results

This if NOT for you if...

  • You are a business owner (This mini course is influencers/ creators looking to work with brands)
  • You want the magic pill that’s going to get you results overnight
  • You are looking for 1:1 coaching
  • You already know ALL the in’s and out’s of Instagram
  • You have time to keep up with all the new trends + continual IG updates
  • You like spending time creating posts & seeing no result 

the exact step to monetizing your ig!

Pitching and Landing Brand Deals ($149)

How to secure brand deals as a micro-influencer.

This mini course is valued at $947!

But You're Getting it for Only:

Are you dreaming of?

  • Showing your friends your “IG GIG” is actually paying off
  • Finally having outfits to wear for your content creation – that you didn’t have to buy, but got for free.
  • Finally making $400-$1,000 a month from IG as side hustle money? 

Student results:

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Module 1: Creating a pitch and media kit.

In the first module we will kick start by doing an account audit to prepare your account for brand deals, getting rid of your fears, creating your media kit and writing a script using one of the many templates provided. Using your super power = YOU. We will define what value you can bring to brands, so that your pitch convert brands. After this lesson you will have professional material to approach brands with and secure your dream collaborations.

-How you can upgrade your Instagram account to attract brands!

-The biggest mistake I made as a beginner influencer with brand deals

-Pitch Templates PDF

-Social Media Kit Templates (Just copy and paste)

-Key elements that make a pitch stand out to brands

-How to use “Professional Material” templates to approach brands with value

Module 2: Collecting brand contacts and sending out emails.

Here we dive into understanding the autonomy of brand deals, which ones are scams, how to sign contracts, how to get started with UGC, where to look for brand contacts and my secret batching technique. After this lesson you will confidently send your pitch using my batching technique that saves you time and allows you to increase income instead!

-Where to look for brand contacts

-Best times to pitch

-Best days to pitch

-Definitions every influencer should know (whitelisting, perpetuity etc.)

-How to increase brand conversion with “Portfolio Content”

-How much you should charge

-UGC deals you can start today

-Batching email hack that saves you hours on pitches

-Paid vs Free collabs. When is it time to start charging?

-What type of brands should you work with?

-How to get over “Wanna be influencer” imposter syndrome

Module 3: Follow up, negotiation and repeating pitching.

Ready to expand and actually make $$ on IG? Here I share how to go from gifted to paid brand deals, I share my exact negotiation techniques I still use today to land $6,000 brand deals. After this module you will create a portfolio to send to brands, know how to negotiate through tactics like “Anchoring” and finally bring in $$ from your IG hobby.

How to have a successful mindset as influencer

-Why brands say “no”

-How to respond to rude brands

-When to follow up with brands so they respond

-How to go from gifted to paid brand deals

-How to create a reputable portfolio and why you need one

-My TOP negotiation tactics that help me land $6,000 brand deals

-How to use chat GPT to respond to brand negotiations

-How to negotiate and know your worth (Even if you feel like you’re to small)

⇨the course is self-PACED YET HAND-HOLDING..the perfect PLUG AND PLAY STRATEGY  YOU’VE been looking to invest into.

No more sketchy brand deals. You'll walk away working with well known brands and getting payed rates you deserve!


You've got questions? I have answers!

There are no live calls. This is a pre-recorded mini course. If you are wanting access to live Q&A’s, I recommend joining IG Academy.

I am confident that this training will work for you as long as you are willing to take action and implement what you learn in each training! No refunds!

You get instant access to the course immediately after purchasing. You get to go through it on your own pace, yet still have my guidance and Facebook group through out the way.

Yes you have this course forever! And you get to go through the mini course on your own pace.

your influencer coach

Val Lisitsyna

Hi I’m Val! A wife, family oriented, immigrant and entrepreneur.

I started as a broke college student with 2 part time jobs. I quickly learned how to work with brands and grow my IG , when everyone said it was “Dead”..

Today I’ve helped over 3,000 content creators like you with coaching and my personal strategy’s that helped me make over $100k as an influencer consistently!

Good news: (I’m sharing the steps that helped me get work with brands full time in this mini course)!

Just some of the brands I've worked with:

Will This Mini Course Work For My Niche?

My pitching and landing brand deals program is great for any niched creator. Small or large following, if you are trying to land more brand deals and generate more $$ in your bank accout, this course is for you. BUT HERE IS A BASIC LIST OF WHO THIS WOULD BE PERFECT FOR!

(This is just a few examples of who this Mini Course would help)

  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Mom creators
  • Business/tech niched creators
  • Mental health
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Hobbies niched creators
  • Travel

Go from:



Go from:



“3 days ago I would never think I could land a collab with only 1k followers. You have changed my thought process by giving so much value in this course Val!"”

— Mrunalini @mrunalini_21

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What makes this course different?

My “Professional Pitching Technique” ™ My unique framework to landing brand deals.

Through out my 5 years of IG coaching. I’ve come to understand that there are 3 main elements to securing brand deals. It consist’s of a media kit, rate card and pitch. This is my “Professional Pitching” technique taught in depth inside this mini course.

This isn't another "overwhelming" program..

I know you don't have a lot of time. The methods I teach are SIMPLE + ACTIONABLE + REALISTIC

great for beginners landing their first collab and existing influencers who want to leverage brand deal income through negotation and relationship building.

Here's everything you get with the Mini Course:

  • Full “Pitching & Landing Brand Deals” Mini Course
  • 3 Video Lesson Modules
  • Social Media Kit Templates
  • Pitch Scripts
  • Follow Up Scripts 
  • 5 Social Media Kit mistakes PDF
  • My top negotiation tactics to land rates you deserve
  • Pre Homework PDF
  • Private Facebook group acesss

If you’re here now, that means you’re ready to turn your "IG hobby" into brand packages at your door & paypal payments in your bank account..

I'm ready to help, so let's do this!


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The training provided is general in nature, and some strategies may not be appropriate for all individuals or all situations. As in any business, we can’t guarantee the efficacy or outcome of your growth or brand deals.