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Land Your First Influencer Deal in 1 Week

(Even if You Have Less Than 1K Followers)!

"The market is too crowded and nobody is growing on social"

Yeah, yeah…time to shut down the negative thoughts and tune into proven strategies to grow your dream career: INFLUENCER!

You're not alone if..

You’re tired of spending hours on Instagram. While your DM’s are dry with no legit brand deals.

All you’ve gotten was discount codes and brands asking you to pay for shipping their product, to you.

AKA: Not a real brand collaboration.

You’ve tried piecing together a bunch of free advice but nothing really seems to work out..

Friend, you need a full, battle-tested strategy – start to end – to really take your account from hobby to pro level.

What if I told you there is an easier way... ​

Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly what to do to grow your social (and bank) account?

Imagine getting boxes and boxes of items to promote every week.

Imagine helping thousands of followers find and buy problem-solving items you recommended…

I know you have it in you to become a successful influencer, you might just need a little guidance to move to the next level.

“I Just landed my first ever brand deal, and I have only 830 followers! I am so excited."

The 3-day challenge totally works and works fast!

— Kelsi, @kelsibatchelor20

Here's a sneak peak:

what is really possible

After the challenge you will:

-Use my pitch template to create a “Proffesional Material” way to approach a brand

-Send your first brand email with confidence

-Create and perfect your own media kit using my template

-Understand how to face the fear of reaching out to brands and know your worth

-Know how to find brands likely to work with your following and niche

-Know how to follow up with a brand and scale your collaborations!

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Land Your First Influencer Deal in 1 Week (Even if You Have Less Than 1K Followers)!

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You've got questions? I have answers!

There are no live calls. This is a pre-recorded challenge. If you are wanting access to live Q&A’s, I recommend joining IG Academy.

I am confident that this training will work for you as long as you are willing to take action and implement what you learn in each training! No refunds!

You get access to the first day of the challenge immediately. Then we send you an email daily for the next two days with the challenge material.

Yes! And you get to go through the challenge on your own pace.

your influencer coach

Val Lisitsyna

What if I told you that you can land real brand deals with less than 1k followers?
What if I told you its possible to make consistent income from Instagram with less than 10k followers? I’ve seen it happen to me. 

My goal was simple: I wanted $1K/mo from brand deals to cover my expenses so I can focus on creating content and growth strategy.

1 year later, I was charging $400 per IG post (And yes, I absolutely kicked myself for not doing it sooner.) 

I want you to have the same success from your account..

Are you ready to put in the work now so you can see results this year?

Some of the brands I've worked with:

“3 days ago I would never think I could land a collab with only 1k followers. You have changed my thought process by giving so much value in this challenge Val!"”

— Mrunalini @mrunalini_21

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