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The only course program you will ever need to take, to becoming a paid creator and growing your following in todays crappy algorithm. After the course you will turn your IG hobby into $$ in your bank account.  IG Academy has served over 3,000 students.

This mini course will teach you how to land brand deals as a micro influencer, how to work on UGC collaborations, how to negotiate rates you want and go from gifted to paid deals as a creator.

Save hours searching for brand contacts and land collabs faster!


-Started as a broke college student & turned into 6 figure influencer

-I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing

-My family immigrated from Russia to USA when I was 1 year old, that’s why I’m bilingual

-Got married this year to best man ever!

– I’m super faith + family oriented

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Over 3,000+ students | 6 figure influencer