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2024 Special Sale


Step by step course to making money with Instagram and growing your account to thousands of loyal followers.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried posting consistently, creating an aesthetic feed and updating your bio..but still no results.

You’ve tried piecing together a bunch of free advice, which in return makes you have less confidence, anxiety, and a lack of energy.

I can relate because I was there.. and I’m here to tell you it’s not about doing more and feeling burnt out. IG growth is about committing to growth strategies that actually work and are practical for your schedule.

I used to think....

“I need to 25x a week to get to growth”

“I need some level of “popularity” to get brands to work with me”

– “I need 10k, 30k or 100k to land actual paid collaborations”

UNTILL I understood what I was truly missing was intentionally working one day at a time.

Today I make $100,000 a year consistently from brand deals and worked with brands like Dyson, McDonalds, Coach and more.

What might be stopping you is the fear of investing in the wrong course, posting the wrong thing at the wrong time, which in-return causes most creators to never even start.

The algorithm and spending hours on the platform doesn’t need to be a dark cloud hovering over your every move..


Instagram Academy

A step by step program to help you become a PAID influencer and GROW in thousands of loyal followers

2024 Special Sale Bonus Includes:

Instagram academy course
$2,500 value

Full Viral Reels Strategy Trainings

$1,000 value

Detailed PDF guidelines & scripts

$897 value

val presets filters

$210 value

150+ Brand Emails

$500 value

Private Facebook Group

$499 value

30 Day Plan to $1,000 

$697 value



“Pitching & Landing Brand Deals”

$997 value


Time Saving Content Calendar

$499 value

That’s a Total Value of Over $7,848

AND 2024 SPECIAL $300 OFF!

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Take a sneak peak inside:

the only creator course you will ever need.

Results You Will Get After Each Lesson:

Module 1

Finding Niche & Standing Out As Creator

In the first module we will dive into the foundation of your account. Using your super power = YOU. We will define what makes you unique, your values and goals to help you stand out from other creators. After this lesson you will have clarity on your niche and confidence.

  • Defining your influencer goals and committing
  • Pros & Cons of being a creator
  • How to use affirmations to get rid of your fears
  • House-keeping and downloading over 17+ templates and pdfs
  • Finding a clear topic your Instagram account will be focused on
  • “Disc Test” to define your personality traits
  • Analyzing yourself in a summary
  • Create your own “Niche Chart”
  • What is a personal brand?
  • 5 positioning steps to stand out in todays market
  • Defining your unique characteristics
  • Create your own brand collage

Module 2

Content Development

All you need to become a successful creator is your phone. I share my full process of creating content, using hashtags, my schedule and time saving secrets. You will start creating content that will attract brands and followers.

  • How to analyze your competitors
  • Finding your target audience
  • Hashtags still work! I’ll show you how
  • What are low, medium and high denisty hashtags?
  • How to use “Hashtag Manager”
  • How to become a #1 influencer
  • Full tutorial on step-by-step using “flick” to generate hashtags.
  • How to write a correct bio description
  • Top apps you need
  • Why you need a business account
  • Optimization tutorial in depth
  • Finding your IG style
  • What to tell your friends or husband when they take your photos
  • What to bring to photo shoot content days
  • How to find photographers who will take photos for free
  • My favorite photo locations
  • Organize your next content day
  • How to plan details for that shoot
  • How to find inspiration for content
  • Ultimate TIME SAVING content calendar for busy mom influencers
  • 3 types of content on IG
  • How to batch create
  • Planning content a week ahead
  • How to write a caption that gets attention
  • My hack to fast captions with an app
  • Content idea generator guide with full tutorial
  • What is the NLP writing technique?
  • How often should you post?
  • Best times to post
  • How to analyze your Instagram stats

Module 3

Skyrocket Engagement

It’s not a secret that the IG algorithm is slow these days. But this doesn’t mean you need to spend 5 hours a day on IG to get results. I’m going to share some quick practical tips to increase engagement. After this lesson you will conquer fear of camera, create posts that will get more saves and likes and get rid of the imposter syndrome.

  • My formula to stories that convert viewers to keep watching
  • Understand who is watching your storys
  • Selling products on storys
  • Using polls on storys to increase engagement
  • “3 Story Apps” tutorial
  • Hashtags and location hack tutorial
  • Using IG masks or filters to gain followers
  • How to use live videos to build deep connections with your followers
  • How often should you go live
  • Planning a live video step by step
  • Why low engagement occurs
  • The story telling with a cliff hanger tactic
  • How the feed algorithm works
  • Provocative posts tactic
  • What are valuable posts
  • Posts that get high likes
  • Asking for recommendations tactic
  • Conversations in DMS

Module 4

Growth Methods

These aren’t “get rich quick” tactics I’m sharing here! These are proven and tested strategy’s for todays algorithm. All it takes is committing 30 minutes a day to one of these growth methods. So you can stop wasting your time and money on IG and start seeing results. 

  • How does the Reels algorithm work
  • What are call to actions?
  • How I grew 100k in 1 week using Reels
  • Converting loyal followers 
  • Instagram Reels mistakes to avoid in depth
  • Four types of Reels
  • Call to action check list 
  • How to repurpose TikTok videos and save them without watermark tutorial
  • Check list before you can focus on growth
  • How to use SEO on IG
  • Shoutouts for growth
  • Interactive posts/ giveaways
  • How to host a giveaway with a brand
  • “Like time” method
  • Growth plan pdf
  • Dollar Eighty full depth tutorial
  • What are ads in public pages?
  • Check list before you invest
  • Paying a creator for a shout out method
  • How to complete a successful paid ad
  • What stats do you track?
  • Why boosting doesn’t work
  • Giveaway loops explained
  • Pros and cons
  • Where do they exist?
  • Converting cold audience

Module 5


If you are here, I know you want to start seeing $$ from this IG hobby of yours. I’ll share all about using “Professional Material” to reach out as a professional creator, how to negotiate the rates you want, and build long lasting relationships with brands. 

  • Revealing all the different ways you can monetize
  • How brand deals work
  • Third party sites for influencer campaigns 
  • How to sell your own products
  • Affiliate programs
  • Reselling free brand products
  • Professional Material
  • When is your account ready for pitching?
  • How to find brand contacts
  • Identifying scam brand deals
  • Contacts for brand deals pdf
  • Anatomy of a pitch 
  • Winning media kit
  • How to negotiate your price
  • Finding your rates
  • Brand contacts 150+
  • How to utilize this list
  • What brand should you pitch to?
  • How do influencer agency’s work?
  • When is it time to look for an agency?
  • What is a market rate percentage cut from your brand deals? 5%, 20% , 30%?
  • Red flags
  • Agency’s you can reach out too.

Module 6

Expanding Your Biz

So you are seeing your IG hobby turn into a profitable side hustle.. It is time to treat it as a business! In our last module you will know exactly how to file taxes, expand your income to quit your 9-5 job and expand your income past 6 figures like I did!

  • How to build a positive reputation
  • Creator benefits and privilege’s – social events and press trips
  • Plan for utilizing
  • Guest speaker and legal accountant in depth
  • How to file business; sole proprietor or LLC?
  • DIY Bookkeeping
  • 30 Most Comment Tax Write Offs
  • Estimated Quarterly Taxes
  • When is it time to hire assistant?
  • Where to look for VA
  • What are the tasks?
  • Hourly rate
  • My experience
  • Course recap
  • Investing concept
  • How to secure your IG from being hacked.
  • Final words!
  • Repeat and grow your business.

Real People, Real Results.

Unlike other "programs" we don't hide the @ username of our students, because these are real reviews.

“With in 1 month after taking IG Academy I collaborated with hotels, restaurants and landed payed brand deals. Today I hit 1.4 views on a viral Reels!”

Viral Reels over 1.4 million views

“From 5k followers to finally hitting 25k on IG and consistently working on paid deals, so grateful for IG Academy”


“With Vals lessons I came
outside my comfort zone! And am comfortable talking in front of camera (even with my kids around).. Invest into this course!”


“I started off with 4,000 followers and today have more than 11,000 on IG. This course is the best thing I’ve invested into.”


“Using Val’s Professional Material Technique I landed a brand deal with only 600 followers. I did not think this was possible. I am amazed!”


“By using templates, brand emails and scripts inside IG Academy, I am hitting $3k months with revenue. This course has everything you need to start making money from IG “


Will IG Academy Work For My Niche?

Instagram Academy is great for any niched creator. Small or large following, if you are trying to become a paid creator and grow on Instagram, this course is for you. BUT HERE IS A BASIC LIST OF WHO THIS WOULD BE PERFECT FOR!

(This is just a few examples of who this program would help)

  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Mom creators
  • Business/tech niched creators
  • Mental health
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Hobbies niched creators
  • Travel

Here's everything you get when you enroll:

  • Full program over 26+ lessons
  • Teacher assistants
  • Private Facebook group
  • 150+ brand emails
  • Reels mini course
  • Social media kit templates & pitch scripts
  • Val Presets Filters
  • 30 day plan to $1k brand deal guide
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Brand Deals Mini Course ($997 value)
  • Lifetime access to course & future updates 
  • 60 day do your homework refund guarantee

It’s time to turn your hobby into $$ in your bank account!

Invest in yourself and walk a proven roadmap to attracting like-minded followers and working with well known brands who pay.

One-time payment of



12 monthly payments of



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Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Do Your Homework Guarantee

Our students see results faster than 60 days. But if you go through the program and don’t see results in 60 days. Send in your homework lessons 1-19 completed and we will issue a 100% refund of your investment.

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Ready To Spend Less Time On IG And See Triple The Results? I’m Here To Help!

Hi I’m Val! A wife, family oriented, immigrant and entrepreneur.

I started as a broke college student with 2 part time jobs. I quickly learned how to work with brands and grow my IG , when everyone said it was “Dead”..

Today I’ve helped over 3,000 content creators like you with coaching and my personal strategy’s that helped me make over $100k as an influencer consistently!

Good news: (I’m sharing the steps that helped me become a paid creator and grow over 400k in my signature program IG Academy!)

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You get access to the first module immediately and every week a new module drips in. You can go at your own pace. (Perfect if you have a busy schedule)

Yes you get lifetime access + all future updates. 

I am so confident that you will get the best strategies inside IG Academy, that I offer a 60-day do your homework money back guarantee. Just remember you need to do the work and take action! Other wise how will the material work? This isn’t a magic pill;)

Finish the lessons and homework 1-19, send us proof of pitches to brands and we will give your money back within 60 days if the course didn’t bring results.

This is exactly what we cover in the first module, get crystal clear on what your IG will be about. So that after doing the homework you will figure out a niche for your IG account and finally be confident going forward with your goals and mission.

That Is All Up To You! Your Main Investment Is This Course. I Have Free Methods Of Growth, That I’ll Teach You Inside The Course That Do Not Require You To Spend Any Money On Advertising. As Well As Paid Methods Of Growth. Once You Become Familiar With Both You Can Decide Which One Works For You! Yup, You Got That Right.

I hear you! We offer an amazing payment plan so you can start repaying the investment with your influencer money! It starts at $97/mo

I hate to break it to you, but there are thousands of people working in every profession. There are lots of doctors out there, but their job is still in demand! The market is not saturated. Plus the influencer market is estimated to grow past $69 billion in 2029. The market is growing and so is the demand for creators like you! And if you are concerned for the competition, in this program..I’ll teach you ways to stand out and make a name for yourself rather than trying to compete with others.


Clueless actions will not grow your IG...

Spending intentional 30 minutes on a strategy, one day at a time will.

If you’re here now, that means you’re ready to turn your "IG hobby" into brand packages at your door & paypal payments in your bank account..

I'm ready to help, so let's do this!

One-time payment of


12 monthly payments of


$300 off + Bonuses Expire In:

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