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2023 New Year Special


Step by step course to making money with Instagram and growing your account to thousands of loyal followers.

Does this sound like you?

You’re tired of spending hours on Instagram and see no results

I totally get it! It is hard to know what to do without the help of someone that has done it before. You need to take the right actions, instead of doing overwhelming guess work and this is what I’m here for.

You’ve tried piecing together a bunch of free advice but nothing really seems to work out

Friend, you need a full, battle-tested strategy – start to end – to really take your account from hobby to pro level.

You are stuck in content creation ‘hamster wheel”?

You’re spending hours editing your images, writing captions & posting content but still not seeing the growth, popularity or influence you’ve been hoping for? It is time for a change.

You’re not sure what to try next. You wish someone would just guide you.

I know you have it in you to become a successful influencer, you might just need a little guidance to move to the next level.

“With in 1 month after taking Instagram Academy I collaborated with 3 hotels and landed a $300 brand deal"

The system totally works and works fast!

— Maria, @mariahelenexo

what is really possible

What if I told you there is an easier way...

Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly what to do to grow your social (and bank) account? Imagine getting boxes and boxes of items to promote every week.  Imagine helping thousands of followers find and buy problem-solving items you recommended…
It’s like an influencer’s dream!

And getting paypal payments like this:


Instagram Academy

A step by step program to help you become a PAID influencer and REACH thousands of loyal followers

The Curriculum

Results You Will Get After Each Lesson:

Module 1

Finding niche & building personal brand

In the first 3 lessons you will learn the method to create a profitable presence, find your ideal niche and create a an attractive personal brand. 

Module 2

Content Development

I’m sure you are excited for this. In this part of the process we dive into: Analysis & Hashtags, Effective Set Up, Photo Content, Content Planning and the Foundations of Posting.

Module 4

Growth Methods

After you create a process, it’s time to add fuel to the fire. In this module we teach you multiple ways to Grow for Free, Payed Methods of Growth and how to use Instagram Reels.

Module 5


How to monetize your account, the ‘Ultimate Guide to Pitching to Brands’, how to get signed with an agency and a special guest lesson – ‘First U$1,000 from scratch’

Module 6

Expanding Your Biz

In this final module we’ll cove: Influencer Privileges
& Scaling

Moms, college students, regular people who are making $300 per post and growing their following in hundreds:

“With in 1 month after taking Instagram Academy I collaborated with 3 hotels, landed a $300 brand deal and had 3 restaurants host me”

Mom Influencer

“I have quickly noticed more people seeing my stories and liking my posts. I’ve gained new followers and am engaging more with my followers.”

Lifestyle Influencer

“With Vals lessons I came
outside my comfort zone! And am comfortable talking in front of camera (even with my kids around).. Invest into this course!”

Mom Influencer

Joining today means you will get all of this:

Instagram academy course
$2,500 value

teacher assistants

$1,000 value

Detailed PDF guidelines
$897 value

val presets filters

$120 value

150+ Brand Emails

$500 value

Private Facebook Group

$500 value

30 Day Plan to $1,000 

$697 value

3 Day Training 

“First brand deal with less than 1k followers”

$697 value


Time Saving Content Calendar

$499 value

That’s a Total Value of Over $6,513

All of this for only:

One-time payment of



12 monthly payments of



Choose the payment plan

That’s a Total Value of Over $4,000

One-time payment of


12 monthly payments of


Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our students see results faster than 60 days. But if you go through the program and don’t see results in 60 days. Send in your homework lessons 1-19 completed and we will issue a 100% refund of your investment.

“Professional Material has helped NAT negotiate a $600 brand deal!"”

— Nat @nat_0.0

Who is this for

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your influencer coach

Val Lisitsyna

What if I told you that its possible to make consistent income from Instagram with less than 10k followers? I’ve seen it happen to me. 

My goal was simple: I wanted $1K/mo from brand deals to cover my expenses so I can focus on creating content and growth strategy.

1 year later, I was charging $400 per Insta post (And yes, I absolutely kicked myself for not doing it sooner.) and I started to see my account grow in thousands at the same time…

I want you to have the same success from your account..

Are you ready to put in the work now so you can grow big in 2023?

Here’s what my students are saying:

“I have gotten multiple paid collaborations this month.  So excited to finally be making money on IG”

Mom influencer

“I tried multiple FREE growth methods in Vals program and grew 8,000 followers already and hit 10k! Just wow!”

Lifestyle influencer

“I gained 20,000 followers
in todays algorithm with
Vals course!”

Fashion influencer

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"The market is too crowded and nobody is growing on social"

Yeah, yeah…time to shut down the negative thoughts and tune into proven strategies to grow your dream career: INFLUENCER!


You've got questions? We have answers!

You get access to the first module immediately and every week a new module drips in. You can go at your own pace.

We are so confident that you will get a ton of great strategies in the program that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. But you need to do the work!

Do the work and we will give your money back within 60 days if it doesn’t serve you

Girl, That’s Not Happening. Instagram Is Growing Constantly. However. If Instagram Ever Did Shut Down, You Can Take The Skills You’ve Learned In This Course And Apply It To Any Social Media Platform Of Your Choice.

That Is All Up To You! Your Main Investment Is This Course. I Have Free Methods Of Growth, That I’ll Teach You Inside The Course That Do Not Require You To Spend Any Money On Advertising. As Well As Paid Methods Of Growth. Once You Become Familiar With Both You Can Decide Which One Works For You! Yup, You Got That Right.

I hear you! We offer an amazing payment plan so you can start repaying the investment with your influencer money! It starts at $97/mo

I Hate To Break It To You, But There Are Thousands Of People Working In Every Profession. There Are Lots Of Doctors Out There, But Their Job Is Still In Demand! In This Course, I’ll Teach You Ways To Stand Out And Make A Name For Yourself Rather Than Trying To Compete With Others

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The training provided is general in nature, and some strategies may not be appropriate for all individuals or all situations. As in any business, we can’t guarantee the efficacy or outcome of your growth or brand deals.