Step by step course to making money with Instagram and growing your account to thousands of loyal followers.

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You’re spending hours editing your images, writing captions & posting content? But still not seeing the growth, popularity or influence you’ve been hoping for.

You’re spending hours editing your images, writing captions & posting content? But still not seeing the growth, popularity or influence you’ve been hoping for.

You’re spending hours editing your images, writing captions & posting content? But still not seeing the growth, popularity or influence you’ve been hoping for.

Lets face it...

Heres the truth.

You dont need to spend hours on Instagram to see results. You need to take the right actions, instead of doing overwhelming guess work.

Lets imagine your future...

As a fashion or mom influencer, working with brands your friends are talking about:

The shocking excitement of huge $2,500 payments like this:

Working from vacation with your kids or best friend.. & still making money.

If this sounds like the future you want, Instagram Academy is for you.

You are a Mom

You find joy in being a mom and want to make your everyday life bring you & your kids benefit. Whether its getting free kids outfits or showing off your “Coach” bag you got paid to advertise, to your mom friends.

Beginner influencer

You are starting off as a fashion, beauty, fitness or lifestyle influencer but are overwhelmed with no results. The ultimate joy would be landing your first $300 brand deal and seeing hard work pay off!

Career search

Youre tired of your everyday job thats breaking you apart. Youve looked up to others who made Instagram their career. But you dont know how they did it. Your biggest dream would be to make a six figure income with your Instagram account.

Here is how Instagram Academy will help you get to results:

Finding your niche and formulating your instagram character

Lesson 1- Intro

Lesson 2- Finding Your Niche

Lesson 3- Personal Brand

End result:

You'll have a clear topic your Instagram account will be focused on

You will create a personal brand that will stand out from other competitors on Instagram

Content development

Lesson 4- Analysis & Hashtags

Lesson 5- Set Up

Lesson 6- Photo Content

Lesson 7- Content Planning

Lesson 8- Foundations of Posting

End result:

You will have a complete and ready profile to attract followers

Easily create a blogger bio description

You will spend LESS TIME posting photos with an automated schedule

You will have a clear idea of what captions to write under posts with out guessing each time

Increasing engagement

Lesson 9- Stories And Masks

Lesson 10- Live Videos

Lesson 11- Engagement

Lesson 12- Engagement (Part 2)

End result:

You will finally conquer the fear of Instagram story's

Understand how to sell your product or brand products using storys

Create posts that will increase likes and engagement on your feed

Growth methods

Lesson 16- Growing For FREE

Lesson 17- Growing For FREE (Part 2)

Lesson 18- Growing For FREE (Part 3)

Lesson 19- Payed Methods of Growth

Lesson 20- Payed Methods of Growth (Part 2)

BONUS LESSON- Instagram Reels

End result:

You will get your first 8,000 views on a Reel and start consistently creating Reels videos.

You will use one of many growth strategy's that will bring in 3,000 new followers


Lesson 13- Monetizing

Lesson 14- Ultimate Guide to Pitching to Brands

Lesson 15- How to Get Signed With Agency

Special Guest Lesson - First $1,000

dollars from scratch or how specialist can monetize their skills

End result:

Create a media kit that brands can't resist

Land your first $300 brand deal with static excitment!

You will have a loyal audience that you can even launch your dream product too, yes! Your own business creation will come to life.


Lesson 21- Influencer Privileges

Lesson 22- Scaling

End result:

You will be able to reach a six figure income after repeating, scaling and growing forward!

When you implement

You’ll follow a time saving path to growing your account while spending LESS time on Instagram

You’ll hit your first 1-10k followers

You will secure your first PAID brand deal and it will feel unreal, your hard work paid off!

You’ll conquer camera
shyness or fear of what others think. You will be confident being an influencer

You will be apart of a private community of influencers and will see what’s working for them

You’ll start expanding to build a six figure income with out having to go through failure, overwhelm and 5+ years of mistakes to get those results

Moms, college students, regular people who are making $300 per post and growing their following in hundreds:

“With in 1 month after taking Instagram Academy I collaborated with 3 hotels, landed a $300 brand deal and had 3 restaurants host me”

Mom Influencer

“I have quickly noticed more people seeing my stories and liking my posts. I’ve gained new followers and am engaging more with my followers.”

Fashion Influencer

“With Vals lessons I came
outside my comfort zone! And am comfortable talking in front of camera (even with my kids around).. Invest into this course!”

Mom Influencer

Get ready to…

See your following count grow weekly

Recieve Paypal payments & packages at your door from brands

Show your family & friends you MADE this a full time job!

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